August 18, 2016

Kittens - guestroom - plans

On Friday I will have visit of my local Vet.
When he leaves Mocca will sleep well, and later on when he wakes up he will be a happy neuter.
We had neutering plans earlier, but my plans and my Vet's plans couldn't combine.

Mocca has developed in to a HUGE baby boy. He is already over 2 kg.
His new mommy is waiting for him, and probably in end of this month he will move. We will miss him dearly, especially my son.

Our 2 beautiful white girls will of course not move anywhere.

Sparkling White has develpoped in to a big extreme girl. We hope of course her eye can be fixed when she is all grown up, but she has no problems with it so ever. Hunting bugs,chasing her "siblings". And always happy with no pain.

White Cover is so much alike her mother in personality. Such a happy go lucky girl. And she is so beautiful with her special eyes.
I was told it was a defect and she should not be includet in our breeding program. So we double checked it.
It is aloud. In breeding she will be a odd eyed and if we decide to show her she will be a green eyed.
So maybe we have to go to some shows with her in the future, so others also can meet our unik little girl?

Today my guestroom is all done. It has taken alot of time, because nice friends who has helped me has also their things to do in between helping me.
The very last thing to do was to put back the electicity.
So now I can finally share some pictures with you all. I have choosen grey and orange.
I hope guests will sleep very well now when they are visiting us ;-)
(It will also be used as nursery room after birth before future babies will move down in the kitchen.)

Mindy( Dreamcather) has also been checking , it is fully safe.

We are still waiting for our beautiful siamese to call, but she still think it is more importing to be a good auntie!

And guess what? The Summer decidet to come back. So the dogs are very lazy at daytime, but full of activity during the evenings.

After Mocca has left to his new forever home, it is time for Mercy and Mindy to leave for their new homes. And Tia of course. We had to change our plans for her leaving back to her home, but she will also leave us soon.
So I will continue making pictures for my next update. Hopefully during September.