May 25, 2015

The first kittens are leaving soon, and a new big cat in the family.

Tomorrow our 2 redheads will get neutred.  Jamaican Me Crazy and Cherrie Garcia will leave to Bergen in their forever home in the start of June.
Those two boys are the first kitties to leave us, among the 10 Spring kittens.
I know they will have the best home, and we wish them all the best.

Love comes in different sizes!

Another "hot news" is our new big wannabe-cat :D
About 3 weeks ago I did something about a dream I have had for many many years.
I have been seaching along time for the right one. And I wanted an adult.
A big sweetheart has moved it to us. A 2 year old German Shepherd boy.
He was not used to cats, but after 3 days it was like he has always lived here.
We have decidet to call him "King".

Everyone who knows our neuter-girl Milla in real, knows she is a very special cat. She is not a normal oriental  - infact King and Milla is very similar. So I am now the proud owner of both the best cat in the world and the best dog in the world.

And after these 3 weeks I have noticed how much alike GSD's and the Oriental cats really are.
I am used to that the cats follow me around, and are like stamps in the kitchen when we make food.
King is doing just the same.

So you will from time til time read a little bit more about King.

Here is our newest familymember, and the 3 first pics are from the first days in his new home.

This was just a little update.
Next one will probably come in middle of June.