February 5, 2013

The boys

This weekend I did visit the boys in Kristiansand.
The boys are Tiger,Hidalgo and little baby-Bico.

Soon I can not call him baby-Bico anymore,he has grown alot. But one thing will never change, he has always been and will always be the happiest and sweetest personality in the whole world. I have never met a happy kitten like him.

Tiger is Tiger,still the same sweet boy,who is a copy of his mother in his personality. He take good care of the smaller once and is allways so calm and gentle. He is the answers to the gentle giant in the oriental cat world.

And Hidalgo, he is a big big boy for his age. He is a sweetheart too,when he have a minute he can actually sit still. He is a very buisy "little" man, who is high and low all the time - looking for some naughtiness to do. And he is a very good kitchen-helper too.
He is for sure C's daughters cat,but after he has couddlet alot with her,he has also lots of time to charm everyone else too.

It is the 2 smallest who are most together,they are almost like "Ying and Yang". But when it comes to an end, they are happy to have "daddy" Tiger to give them an advice or two. Tiger loves his small "babies" to peaces,even they sometimes must give him a grey hair.

It was very fun to see them all again.
And luckily for me it was nice and sunny, with a bit  Spring-feeling in the air one of the days, so I manage to take some pictures.

And as I write, Hidalgo and baby-Bico is in my livingroom right now,they are "BBQ'ng" themselves by the fireplace.
We are babysitting them this week.
And how is that possible to bring "strange" cats in to our home,together with my others? Well,that is really no problem at all.
Me and C have decidet that all our cats shall see eachother regularry, in case one of us need help to take care of eachothers cats.
Ozzie has seen the boys before,and she loves them,especially Hidalgo. The cats answer to Bonnie and Clyde?
Tiger has been here many times.
Dinky has not seen Hidalgo before,but he loved him from the very start. Dinky is a very sweet boy,who don't like disagreement, he just want everyone to be friends.
Milla has started to call,and when she does that,she has just one thing in her mind of course,so she has not time to babysite anyone. Picture taken today,and the little boys came yesterday.

This was all for now. I will have a little picture-update with Diva next time.
In early Spring there will maby show up a little surprice. Are you corious now? Good!! :-)