June 22, 2012

3 mnd old

In the weekend our little sunshine will be 3 month old. He is now over 1200 g, and loves everything that is called food.
It's amazing to think of, his birth weight was 100 g, and after 1 w of struggling, with a 1 w weight of 80 gram. He is a true fighter. He has the same bone structure as his mother,so he will be a heavy and big boy as an adult.
He has now lived with us some weeks,and actually, after he got rid of the "birmaen smell" in few days acording to the other cats, they all think he is a lovly lovly little boy :-)
He is such a outgoing and happy boy who really loves everyone. And he is a lap cat, a little food monster, the list is long. In some short words, he is actually perfect for us:-)

My girls are different roll modells for him as well.
Fayette is the auntie, who loves him,but think Milla shall raise him herself, it's her baby.
Ida is the big sister ( even she is really his auntie) and the teacher,who learn him alot of new naughty stuff every day. And I forgive her, because Tiger has so much energy who need to come out,and then Ida is perfect,because she is our big baby in a youth's body.
And Milla, she is his mother. I do not know if she understand that she is his biologic mother, but for her the genes do not matter, a baby is a baby, and a baby needs a mother.

And  then it is Uncle Dinky as well, they can do boy-stuff together. And that suit them both just fine,when all the lady-hormones somethimes can be a bit too much. And uncle Dinky have no rules, are not so strict as mommy :-) ( Even rules do not exist in Tigers mind)

Milla will forever be my very special girl, even I love all my cats, only some few are really someones soulmate.
She is beautiful on her outside,but it's her inside that has touch my heart. And maby also her love and caring for all little once make it stronger.
But when she was a baby it was her outside I fell in love with first - her beautiful face.
When I did visit Tiger,while he was living in his fosterhome - I was so happy to see how much he looks like his mother.
And after he came home and has grown and developed more for each week, he is getting more and more like her every day!! So I am sure he will grow up to be a very handsome young boy.
It's both fun and strange how some babies, even it is cats or humans, some just look like mommy or just like their daddy.

This time the blog will show my beautiful dream-team - mother and son.
Some of the pictures was taken 2-3 weeks ago, and some is taken yesterday.