September 11, 2011

Scandinavian Winner 2011 - Junior class

Scandinavian Winner this year was held in Sweden.
Alot of beautiful cats where participated.
I was not there,but like many others we were following from the internet.

When I went to work this morning, I was crossing fingers very hard expecially for two finalists.
S*CrossBow-Crest Hell of a Lady - sister - and S*CrossBow-Crest Hooked on a Feeling - brother.
Those two beauties are litter siblings to my wonderful "Milla".

I have recent come home from my work, and  we are just so so proud and happy for  Yvonne and the owner of one certain cat.

S*CrossBow-Crest Hooked on a Feeling OSH n24 became Scandinavian Winner 2011 this year. Hooray!!!!

We wish you all the best in future dear brother - both at the show bench and future breeding.
Hugs and alot of kisses from your sister Milla.