August 28, 2010

(N)Attack's Hungry Eyes

This little boy is very special to me. He is son after my 2 absolutly soulmates , (N)Attack's Fashion Avenue OSH n25 and Major Little Stuart *CZ.

He moved to his new home after a show in June,and is owned by a wonderful 13 year old girl and her family in Kristiansand.
I think it was destiny that brought them together. The girl was not suppose to have any new kitten,but Hungry Eyes did choose her.It was pure love at first sight for both of them.

Today there is a cat show in Kristiansand, SØRAK and a very proud owner could tell me that he was nominated.
Maby he gets Best in Show kitten by the end of the day? Crossing my fingers,because those 2 are a very special team - soulmates :-)

HUGE congratulation Veronica.
Best in show
Best club cat in the breed.